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Mayo is the best marinade

Let’s face it, baking a chicken breast Is boring and can get dry and bland. But there is an easy fix to it ...mayonnaise. You think that I am crazy, but in this case I am not. I love Hellman’s mayonnaise and I will be mentioning how much I love them over and over In this blog. To be fair, my father worked for Best Food’s and it paid my tuition. But I digress.

When I get a chicken breast from the grocery store, I portion in it Ziploc bags for the portions I will need for the week. In each bag a put about a 1/2 cup or cup of mayonnaise depending on the size of the bag. I guarantee you, you will never have a more moist and juicy chicken breast after you let it sit in the bag (60 minutes will do). I will even leave the chicken in the bag and if i know I’m not using it and I’ll freeze it. It still holds up and does the trick.

Here is what is really cool! You can add unique flavorings to the bag and make each pouch uniquely special. In one bag Ill but a ranch seasoning packet, shake it and have ranch chicken. Feel like Mexican? Open some taco seasoning, shake it with the chicken and mayo and Ole!! Fajitas! Or even take some Good Seasons dressing and make it Italian chicken night. (That’s my favorite)

This is so simple and Hellman‘s mayo makes the perfect marinade base. It’s idiot proof. And sometimes it is just best not to think about dinner. If you do this one tip, you will guarantee success.

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